About us

At Oakwood Sheet Metal, we are proud to continue the legacy of being an owner-operator family run business, with a long-proven history of reliability in the metal and stainless steel industry. Our reputation is synonymous with pride throughout our products, fabricated to the highest standards, thanks to our dedicated and skilled workmanship, employing locals.

We first opened doors in the late 70s in the suburb of Oakwood, thus the reference in our name. Since then we have been operating successfully for over 40 years where we provide competitive pricing delivered on time. At Oakwood Sheet Metal you are guaranteed integrity by doing what’s right for you. Just ask the local trades and commercial companies who we supply for all their metalwork.

So not only do we provide value, quality, resilience, design and longevity, but we are also a powerhouse, committed to working closely with our customers, offering you complete satisfaction and steel solutions across the Wide Bay and surrounding areas.